About Us

Schenk Homestead Farm is a small, diversified farmstead focusing on growing vegetables with biodynamic practices. In the 2021 season we will be selling our vegetables at local farmers markets, including the Saturday, Geneva Farmers Market, at the New York State Welcome Center from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm and the Thursday, Point of the Bluff Vineyards Farmers Market, in Hammondsport from 5 pm to 7 pm. Our produce can also be found on the menus of restaurants throughout the Finger Lakes and in area farm stands and grocery stores, including Joseph's Wayside Market and The Farm Market at South Bloomfield. 

Schenk Homestead Farm’s mission is to make sure our farm improves the soil, biodiversity and our local watershed.  These beliefs are based in regenerative agriculture and economic principles with a desire to sustain a cultural legacy of homegrown foods and services historic to Naples, NY.  We feel a sense of obligation to preserve our beautiful and proud agricultural community for future generations which means always prioritizing our environment that provides these bountiful ecosystem services; including the food we eat.  In practice, this includes using limited or no-tilling practices, integrated pest management strategies, cover cropping our fields to improve soil health and prevent erosion, and planting diverse local variety crops.  We also promote living soil health by not using any petroleum based fertilizers and instead focus on feeding soil microorganisms through compost teas and applying a compost mix to all our garden beds.  

We chose to incorporate “Homestead” in our farm name to further emphasize our agricultural principles. By definition, homestead, refers to the subsistence based lifestyle that ties our interests as humans with those of the whole biotic community.  Most people’s view of the environment separates human society from nature, whereas at  Schenk Homestead Farm we view ourselves as part of the part of the ecosystem. In keeping true to our homestead name, we go the added distance to can and use other food preservation efforts to assure we are able to sustain our dietary needs in the winter months from the food we grow.

Schenk Homestead Farm hopes to reduce our impact on the environment and minimize our contribution to climate change by including a 11,000 kW solar energy system on our property, minimizing use of irrigation, and use green manures and compost teas on our fields. 

Silage Tarp,
No-till System